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I would like to send art from Hokkaido. I mainly focus on fine art of oil paintings, but recently I am also interested in digital art. My hobbies, mountain stream fishing, English conversation. I also have a hobby blog. Please visit us if you like.
日常雑記 もっと見る






The spring of 2023 may be a special spring.

The long-lasting corona pandemic has finally come to an end.

However, long-lasting wars make us depressed.

Art is the common language of the world, and it is important to connect more communication.




2022 was a turbulent year, but it can also be said that it was stagnant.

Let's go into the new year with hope.


ニューラルフィルターでの作業Working with neural filters




I processed it in photoshop.

For some reason the image of the night came out because I was tired.







F130号の大作は2022年東京の主体展に出品しました。The large work of F130 was exhibited at the 2022 Shutai Exhibition.

インスタグラム用に枠付き加工・Framed processing for Instagram・by Photoshop

l27望来風景 Mourai scenery 2022



野外スケッチです。It is an outdoor sketch・今年の夏はさわやかな日が続きました。This summer has been a series of cool days.


茨戸川緑地の馬たち Horses of Baratogawa Green Space2022年夏



色数を抑えてノスタルジックな雰囲気にしました。I reduced the number of colors to create a nostalgic atmosphere.

一番大事なのは家族のつながりです。The most important thing is the family connection.


最近のAIデジタル技術には目を見張るものがあります。The AI digital technology these days is amazing.



野の花は生命感を感じます。Wild flowers feel a sense of life.

群像は、多くの要素があります。The group image has many elements.

実際に物を見て描くことが大事です。It is important to actually see and draw things.

外で写生するのは気持ちがいいものです。It feels good to shoot outside.

モデルさんはすごいですね。動かないでいるのは大変です。The model is amazing. It's hard not to move.

テーブルとテーブルクロス、花、瓶、壺、コンポジションは興味深いです。セザンヌはリンゴとテーブルクロスで世界を驚かせて見せました。Tables and tablecloths, flowers, bottles, vases and compositions are interesting. Cezanne surprised the world with apples and tablecloths.


人間の表情はちょっとしたことで全然印象が違ってきます。特に目と口です。The impression of humans is completely different with a little bit. Especially the eyes and mouth.

コンポジションとは、位置関係だけでなく、お互いに影響し合う空間を考えるのが面白いところです。It is interesting to think about the space that influences each other as well as the positional relationship.

風景はS型サイズのキャンバスを使います。真四角のキャンバスは広がりを感じます。The landscape uses an S-sized canvas. The square canvas feels spacious.

人物はいつでも非常に興味深いです。Humans are always very interesting.

小さな花たちも生命感は大きいです。Even small flowers have a great sense of life.

小さな花たちでも生命の大きさは変わりません。Even small flowers do not change the size of life.


セザンヌは毎日写生に行って、ある日雨に打たれそして亡くなりました。Cezanne went to sketch every day, and one day she was hit by the rain and died.


人間は誕生以来あまり進歩はしていないようです。原始時代から続く遺伝子の乗り物。Humans do not seem to have made much progress since their birth. A genetic vehicle that has been around since the early days.